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How it works

Europcar Flex. A simple three-step process:


Step one – Choose your options

    • Choose your car. Hundreds of units available. Decide which make and model suits your needs.

    • Choose your mileage. Opt for 1,000, 2,000 or 2,500 miles per month.

    • Choose your term. Anything from 3 to 18 months with a minimum commitment of just 3 months.

    • Choose your cover. Add our Vehicle Protection Cover for ultimate peace of mind or choose to insure the vehicle yourself.


In addition, if you are looking for a car for less than 3 months with insurance included, we have a solution for that too. Click here to find out more.

Step two – Get in touch

Get in touch with our expert team using the form below for quick answers and helpful advice about your new car. Our team will guide you through our application process and confirm your vehicle requirements.

As part of the application process to hire a Flex vehicle we will complete a simple credit check. You can check your current credit score on Experian for free or call our team for advice.

Get in touch

Step three – Grab the keys and go

Don’t tie your money up. Unlike leasing agreements, we require no deposit!

You just need to provide details of your insurance policy, secure your administration fee of £150 and tell us where you would like your new car delivered! 🙂

Ready to hear more about flexible motoring?


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